Ledbetter-Stratton Memorial Scholarship

Coaches of athletics have the privilege of working and associating with the most physically gifted students. However, coaches also recognize that many are not so blessed. In view of this fact, the NMHSCA established this scholarship program in 1962 for physically handicapped graduates of New Mexico high schools. The scholarship has been named in memory of Chester H. “Doc” Ledbetter and Coach Sam Stratton. Doc Ledbetter served as Executive Secretary of the New Mexico High School Coaches Association for 30 years. He was most responsible for the establishment of this scholarship program. Coach Stratton coached at Alamogordo High School until his untimely death and was President of the Coaches Association in 1961-62. The funds for the scholarship program are derived from the net proceeds of the Association’s annual North/South All-Star Games and from contributions to the fund. The maximum number of scholarships available is four and these are dependent on the revenue in the scholarship fund. The format is to grant a scholarship each year to an incoming freshman as the senior recipient graduates.
A. The scholarship is for $1,000.00 per year, at $500.00 per semester, for a total of eight semesters. The total scholarship is for $4,000.00.
B. The scholarship shall be paid directly to the college or university on behalf of the recipient each semester.
A. The applicant shall be physically handicapped.
B. The applicant shall be a graduate of an accredited high school in the State of New Mexico.
C. The applicant’s high school record shall show the potential capability of completing work toward a college degree.
D. The applicant shall attend an accredited college or university in the State of New Mexico.
E. The applicant shall have the recommendation of a current member of the New Mexico High School Coaches Association.
A. The applicant shall complete and submit the NMHSCA Ledbetter-Stratton Memorial Scholarship application form.
B. The applicant shall submit verification from a medical doctor that he/she has a physical handicap.
C. The applicant shall submit a copy of his/her official high school transcript.
D. The Scholarship application and the required accompanying documents shall be submitted to the NMHSCA office by April 1st of the respective school year.]
A. A recipient shall maintain a “C” or better overall average.
B. The recipient shall carry a minimum of 12 semester hours each semester.
C. The recipient shall reapply for renewal of the scholarship each semester.
D. The renewal application shall be in writing (a letter) to the Executive Secretary requesting to be retained on scholarship and indicating that the recipient will be or has enrolled for the next semester. The recipient shall also submit an official transcript.
E. Upon completion of these requirements, the Executive Secretary shall release the scholarship funds to the appropriate college or university.
A. The President of the Association shall appoint the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.
B. The Chairman shall be a current member of the Association.
C. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of the Board of Directors as a whole and the appointed Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.
D. The Scholarship Committee Chairman shall inform and request recommendations for candidates for scholarship from all members of the Association.
E. All recommendations must be submitted to the NMHSCA office by April 1st of each year.
F. The Chairman of the Scholarship Committee shall draw up the advice and counsel of certified school counselors in the State of New Mexico.
G. The Chairman of the Scholarship Committee shall make his report and recommendations at the spring meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors.
H. The scholarship recipient(s) shall be selected by a vote of the Association’s Board of Directors.
I. The recipient(s) will so be informed by the Executive Secretary.