Spirit All_Star Nomination Form

  • Is the athlete being nominated for cheer or dance?
  • Only the Athlete's Head Coach can nominate an athlete for either the cheer or dance all-star team. The coach must also be a member of the NMHSCA. If the coach is not a member, the nomination will be removed.
  • Please provide the GPA of the Athlete at the completion of the Fall semester of the athlete's senior year. The GPA must be submitted on a 4.0 scale. If the school does grades on a 100 point scale, please convert.
  • Please provide specific information of activities performed by the student "outside" of being on the spirit team. What additional roles does this athlete perform outside of spirit and being a student.
  • Please provide in this section specific examples of leadership performed by the student. Please pay particular attention to the contribution to the spirit squad, community service, and examples of "making a difference."
  • Please explain why this athlete should be chosen as a NMHSCA Spirit All-Star. (Coach, please note, if you have nominated more than 1 athlete, please let us know the order of how you think the athletes should chosen.) If you do not have a ranking, let us know.
  • Please upload a head shot photo of the athlete.